Best World

Rive #60
Pagine: 106
ISBN: 9788860682888
Pubblicazione: 29 maggio 2023
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The intimate closeness with Heart, Intellect, and Time – and therefore with Emotionality, Thought, and Free Will – didn’t belong to individuals anymore, nor to the collectivity or whatever divinity but just to those apex men who carefully guarded their secrets.
For a long time, these subjects had provided each citizen with relative comforts against a tacit compromise on individual freedoms as well as on the pretensions of subjective individuation, collective emancipation, and professional dignity.
In harmony with these operational rules, centuries flowed together with all the lives conceived in the meanwhile, the sterilised utopias, the countless ideals nipped in the bud.
All professional competences languished in that sense of uselessness typical of those promises undergoing unbeatable bionic rivals.
But it is well known that even when everything seems to go in the best way, even in the Best World, the dazzling light of an unexpected event can fade the most detailed drug leaflet. Hiding its side effects.
The unforeseen event happened, indeed… followed by a consequent counterrevolution. Peaceful and unstoppable. Aimed at leading the “Best World” toward a veritable better world.

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